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Do Good, Bless Others

Air Date: 11/26/20 - Doing good is a choice, a way of life, one intentional act after another.  So, how do you keep focus and not grow weary?  Pastor Nat answers that question with a look at Paul’s reasoning for doing good and blessing others, especially in the household of faith.  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Great, we sow to reap and rejoice.
Thank you it is very encouraging uplifting
I should do good to others they may be blessed by God through you.
Amen.....God loves a cheerful giver III Corinthians 9: 7-8
Pastor Nate, I was particularly inspired by your explanation of “in due season” and how this was not a prosperity Gospel. “In due season” brought all kinds of things to mind in my own life. I live in a house, own rental property and land for hunting. This land has become a shooting range for my band of brothers. From these men come wives and girlfriends who meet at my home with my wife for discipleship. We bought this house because we took on my two nieces and needed more room. Now the older one is married and has a baby and rents the house from us on the property. As a young man just starting ministry, I never in my wildest imagination thought I would own my own home, let alone one large enough for taking others, nor owning land or rental property. I have now pastored for 24 years and “in due season” takes on a greater depth today. The generosity of God is without equal!
Amen. Thank God for His inspired word. It is more blessed to give, than to receive. Have a thankful day.
Amen ,thank you
God wants us give from our hearts under the direction of the holy spirit.
Thank you
Thank you Pastor Nat. I can testify to this, widowed young with children, I never lacked, giving cheefully out of poverty., Gods' provision there always. Amen
GOD tells us to put Him to the test...what greater harvest is there, than Wisdom...God wants obedience over sacrifice....thanks for this challenge!
Thank you