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Air Date: 7/14/21 - You can’t help but be discouraged at times, but it’s important to know that Satan loves to use that against you!  Guest speaker Pastor Dan Coke shares essential wisdom about what to do when discouragement hits  


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a year ago
Thank you Pastor Coke for such encouragement. I truly feel encouraged. This was a tough week and for the first time in a long time, I wondered for a moment, where was God and did He still love me. Why is He allowing the wicked to triumph over me! But then I quickly encouraged myself in the Lord. No matter what I'm going through I have a desire to cling to Him, so part of my clinging is logging in this wonderful opportunity to read these nuggets from win the day. I am so blessed and great full for such a program. God bless and keep you all and your families.

Sis. Natasha
a year ago
Thank you for this message today.
a year ago
Thank you for the encouraging words.
a year ago
Jesus said there will still be broken hearts and bones. That there will be a place where the light will shine through no pain no shame but a new life and Heaven.

Pastor Dan Thank You for speaking from The Old Testiment for there is for me only KJV and NKJV version. That truly tell The Word of God! In the way you speak Pastor Dan it truly draws us in to listen and hear your teachings. Amen for Psalms Pastor Dan. God is Good always all the time Praise Jesus Glory to God.

Why Stay Pastor Dan stay in with us Please. If not Thank You Pastor Dan you made a difference not just for me but each of us. Let us all be a Blessing to everyone.

Father today you know I sinned in a way I never thought I would. After Lord I ran into Your open arms looking up to confess what I had done. Father Please Bless me to rise above it to feel Your great Forgiveness, to remember even sinners have a soul, Thank You Lord for all You have done and continue to to do to teach us to become more like You Father, I Still Believe My Heart Trust in You Thank You Lord Great is Faithfulness in Jesus name I'm letting all go surrendering all to You Blessed Be The Father Son and Holly Spirit as One in Jesus name Amen
a year ago
Thank you pastor Dan….
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