Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? pt. 2 - Win the Day

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? pt. 2

Air Date: 3/3/20 - Bryan Clark challenges Christians to reject the idea that Christ’s resurrection is an abstract myth from the past. As we continue our study about life after death, Bryan explains that, given the historical facts, it takes far more of a quantum leap of faith to reject the resurrection than to believe in it.

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2 years ago
The fact of the Resurrection of Christ is that, God, he has the power over death and life. He prove that there is more than just believing but knowingly that we have this hope in Christ Jesus our Lord.
2 years ago
Jesus’ rising from the dead, as it says in Roman’s chapter 1, truly proves He is the Son of God! Hallelujah amen!
2 years ago
Excellent fact filling message.
Thank You!
2 years ago
I did not want to comment of the first part, because I waited for the second one also. This gives me a lot to consider and many facts I was not aware of. Thank you!