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Did God Make You Do It?

Air Date: 2/5/22 - Let’s face it. Trials can really trip us up. They can provide an easy excuse to sin. But is God to blame? Join Pastor Nat for the answers.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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5 months ago
How does one overcome being lukewarm in one's walk? What does one do when someone sins against me? Those are important questions I need answers to.
1 reply
5 months ago
To overcome being lukewarm challenge yourself to read the Bible daily for one month without fail. Your walk will follow your treasure as you see value in God's word. If someone sins against you then you are to forgive them. When you feel injured just reflect on how much you have sinned against a Holy God and how much you have been forgiven of. In light of this huge forgiveness you can forgive someone else.
5 months ago
The key to temptation is to flee, to run the opposite direction. That is the difference between Joseph and David. The difference between getting away from temptation and giving into it.
5 months ago ( updated 5 months ago )
O, Lord I am struggling with even wanting a way out... please help me change. Grant me a willing spirit to sustain me and give me an undivided heart that I would have reverence for You Father!
Show me the way out, help me to see the next step. Give me the courage & will to move when You say move, to walk in the way You lead me to, in Jesus name, amen🙏. Thank You Lord for always hearing & answering our prayers, You are faithful and true!
5 months ago
5 months ago
Jesus please cover Matt with Your healing Precious Blood and please cure him of his illness in Jesus name we pray 🙏 🙏🙏
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