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Defeating Anger


Air Date: 4/6/22 - Is anger a problem for you? What’s the secret to stopping anger before it starts? Join Pastor Nat for the regret-saving answers.  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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3 months ago
Lord Jesus, help me to be as disciplined as You were in times of difficulty. Teach me Your habit of retreating to pray so that You maintained a good relationship with Your heavenly Father. Lord, I need Your grace to keep me from depending on my own understanding.
3 months ago
Word of wisdom: if we remember these four things each and everyday and spread those four things to others we would find out that we psychologically would lead a more meaning life. The four things are; 1: stay safe, 2: stay healthy, 3: stay happy, but most of all 4: stay Blessed.
3 months ago
What is the difference between defending yourself and getting angry? Isn't it true that you can be angry while defending yourself? In defending yourself, how do you not become angry? Because I often get angry for NOT defending myself. Even Jesus got angry and took out a whip in the Bible, driving out the merchants selling things in the house of God.
3 months ago
Your a humble dude Nat! Thanks for sharing your struggles and Christ's strength and mercy
3 months ago
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