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Dancing in the Minefield

Air Date: 9/20/21 Marriage is like dancing in a minefield. But to dance well, you need some moves. Join Pastor Nat as he discovers the moves to thrive in marriage.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a month ago
Marriage is sacrificial love ,trust and equality between husbands and wives in our society, just as we do to our lord and savior jesus christ.
a month ago
Discipleship is what we dangle in front of our parishioners every Sunday, we're all HIS HANDS, FEET AND VOICE HERE ON EARTH!
a month ago
Amen 🙏🏻
a month ago
Marriage is about Loving putting Together Jesus Christ first. My Parents have been dancing through every in the storms in the fields coming through together as Jesus has and continues to lead them for 53 years. Happiness comes only from Jesus Christ!
If your married remember yes there will be disagreements but in those wrong through them together looking up asking God to bring you through stronger together through Jesus Christ.
Heavenly Father may we in all things remember we are here to serve as You did and remain to do through The Holly Spirit of You. Father I Thank You for Your Faithfulness teaching us that no matter what we are more than overcomes because You Lord lead the way. Father My Trust in You remains in Jesus name Amen
a month ago
Amen! I wish I would have heard this 19 years ago ! ✝️🙏
1 reply
a month ago
Me too!
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