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Cut Them Some Slack!

Air Date: 2/3/21 - Family disputes may be natural, but your heavenly Father calls you to peace!  So, how do you deal with those brothers and sisters in Christ who drive you up the wall?  Pastor Nat encourages you to “cut them some slack” and practice love as you share space in God’s grace!


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2 years ago
Thank y you for this message.
2 years ago
Thank you
2 years ago
Here is the most tricky part of the Christian life and my spiritual family.
2 years ago
Thank you a great message.
2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
Heavenly Father I lift up and Glorify Your Holly Name. I Praise You for Your endless Forgiveness that surpasses all things. Father I Thank You I Praise You for there being no hate in my heart. Lord You are The daily bread we all need and should seek. In those times of trouble Father please Bless and remind me to look up to You and hear You say do as I do not as the world does! Please give Bless me with true humbleness to remember I'm stronger down on my knees for You are the air I breathe. My everything. Let us not look for with closed eyes but open eyes unto You Lord. For Your Mercy's and Grace are new each morning remind me to show that Mercy and Grace to all I meet as I let go and forgive all who have hurt me for You Father were with me in that hurt feeling that pain allowing to let go surrendering all to You. Knowing we Let God in all things. Thank You Lord for taking Good care of me please remind us to Love each other as You Love us to unite us as You tells us with "one" in You. In Jesus name Amen
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