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Criticizing Others


Air Date: 7/13/21 - Why so much criticism, so much tearing down of others? Pastor Dan Coke urges you to consider God’s forgiveness so you can also learn to forgive, get over offenses, and love others just as your Heavenly Father loves you! 


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6 months ago
God bless you Pastor Coke for such enlightenment. Bless you!
6 months ago
Thank you for this message Pastor Dan. We cannot change the past, but we need to move forward. Follow Jesus and His commandments and teachings.
6 months ago
Thank you Pastor Dan. You're right. It's no use crying over spilled milk. We need to forget the past and live in the future with a positive attitude which I am still practicing.
6 months ago
Thank You Pastor Dan.
6 months ago
Thank you pastor Dan. I wish I had victory in this area of my life, but I look to Jesus, the founder and perfector of my faith!
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