Continuing in Faith and Freedom

Air Date: 11/6/20 - What’s the difference between acting like a Christian and actually being a Christian? Today Pastor Nat Crawford shines the light on worldly principles that can cloud your thinking and keep you from living in the faith and freedom of Christ. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Thank You That was Awesome!!!
Thank you I needed to hear this that is so true
Thank you Pastor Nat for this powerful spiritual reminder. I often wonder away then bang! this scripture written in my heart. "I am free" Amen
Thank you Pastor Nat, to exclaim this passage clearly to me.
What happened to Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney? I liked some of their insights into the gospel along with yours.
Thanks for the message.
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Thanks Pastor Nat for today's encouragement. I have many regrets, I did things in my life that I am not proud of. I wish I could undo them. Jesus rescued me from a life of sin and condemnation, He's given me a new life and purpose, and I am now rejoicing in my new identity in Christ Jesus, my Lord and Saviour! Lord, thank You for loving and saving me from from a life of regrets, and making me a part of the "Family" of God. I can now declare: " I am blessed and highly favoured"!
Good morning...I anxiously look forward to pastor Nats interviews on Fridays...well, not there. Please , teach out of a closet...or whatever is prompting these continual changes. I am concerned about my spiritual growth and maturity...I go to certain avenues for spiritual food because I know the truth is taught lifes circumstances will change...but please let back to the bible be a place that is not shifting sand on presentation....dont muzzle the Lion...I need a place of spiritual nourishment that doesn't keep changing locations. This is not criticism, it's an answer to your can back to the bible encourage my spiritual growth.. ....