Conquering the Rat Race, Part 2  - Win the Day

Conquering the Rat Race, Part 2 

Air Date: 7/7/20 - Living a life that matters requires stepping out of the rat race, reassessing your life, and going forward with focus.  Pastor Nat Crawford takes you into scripture to find that focus as he continues his series, “Character Over Compromise”.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat to add some encouraging take home points for your life.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Thank you for the great devotions there is a lot think and ponder about.
Pray for me to know the difference when I do spend time with the Lord, without any interruptions.
Yes; this is a great message. There is a lot to chew on. Thank You!
I listened to today's Bible Teaching on You Tube. Great message.
Need to work on finances. To only buy what I need.
Thanks for today's meditation and discussion. It has given me pointers on how to be more intentional in my walk with God, and to see how God is transforming and working in/through other people's lives to make a difference. Pastor Nat, I struggle with "timidity" at times. Please pray for me. I want to be "bold" in my witnessing for Jesus.
Good morning, friends! What is one thing you're struggling with? How can we at Back to the Bible pray for you?
Thanks. Cara for being upfront and honest..the three of you help me apply and identify Gods strength into all the world , the flesh and the devil attacks me with. It is a time of one storm after another...I stand on the solid rock...eyes and ears must be on God.