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Companion or Competitor?


Air Date: 10/1/21 - Churches tend to be competitors rather than companions. People can be disruptors instead of encouragers. But should this be the norm? Join Pastor Nat as he looks for the answers.


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2 months ago
thank you
9 months ago
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
9 months ago
In my life, I have had this problem: My Father is a Republican, and my mother is a Democrat. I fear that, if I were to disclose that in a church, political eugenics would get in the way, and that would lead to me getting unfairly criticized by that church body. What do I do?
9 months ago
Lord help me to continue be companion in the body of christ and to others. Amen
9 months ago
Amen Pastor Nat! Still wondering why the room gets emptier everyday! Lol what are you up to? 😀
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