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Christian Metamorphosis: An Interview with Michael Frisina

Air Date: 9/18/20 - The Apostle Paul said that we are new creations in Christ, but many Christians don’t seem to change. Why is that? Author Dr. Michael Frisina shares his thoughts with Pastor Nat Crawford about the metamorphosis Christians can and should experience. 


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Thank you so much I have often wondered about did transformation this makes so much sense help me pray that I understand and I'm fully transformed🙏
This being great, for the Christ follower to have spiritual food to help us grow as a Christian.
Michael Fresina has some good spiritual food to consider for all of us. In order to leave the previous life as a non-Christian, we need to grasp the holiness concept of actually wanting to be changed and asserting the prior things of life as not being a pattern for the future. Romans 12:2 says it all, "Do not be conformed to the things of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind".... We need to leave the old life behind, including all the desires we once cherished. In other words, learn how to be holy by presenting your body as a living sacrifice to God. Not an easy task, you say! Yes, that's true, which is why we need to invest in God and His Holy Spirit to change us. He will do the changing, so let Him! Pastor Bob
This blew me, and am looking into my own spiritual walk, for example am I producing fruit and what type of fruit. Thank you.
Thanks Debra! We are glad you could join us today!
Amazing interview!