Choosing Control, Part 2 - Win the Day

Choosing Control, Part 2 

Air Date: 7/16/20 - No matter how out of control life gets, God offers you His power to walk in holiness, love, and integrity.  After today’s encouraging message with Pastor Nat, Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will join in for discussion and helpful take home points.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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I enjoyed listening this teaching on YouTube today.
Thank you for sharing! God's grace is sufficient and His forgiveness forgives it all. Let us all remember that and embrace it!
Thank you for the encouragement! Soli Deo Gloria!
I love listening to Pastor Nat!!!!
Praise the Lord!!!!! I listen to Back To The Bible everyday on 100.3 WLGB, AND LOVE IT!!!! I tune into Pastor Nat everyday at noon, today I heard the announcement about the Back TO The Bible app, to signup for daily devotionals and I did and am very thankful, grateful, and super excited!!!!! thank you.
P.S. I look forward to listening to Nat, Arnie and Cara every day. You're all such a blessing in my life.
Wow! Thank you so much for this teaching today. Arnie's words really meant a lot to me today. I grew up in a Christian home but as a teenager I rebelled. I spent the next 40 years living a sinful life. I struggle with forgiving myself. It helps to remember that this is Satan's way of tearing me down. I will put my focus on Jesus. Thank you!
Showing love. Taking care of others. 2nd Corthians tell you about love. Walk in love. Walk with integrity.
1 Thessalonians 4:12 Walk the walk in my Christian life, for Christ Jesus as a Christ followers.
Thanks Pastor Nat for today's encouragement/teaching. I am so excited to be on this journey! Psalm 103v19 : "The Lord has established His Throne in the heaven, and His Kingdom rules over all". This is one Bible verse that reminds me of "God's control and Soverign hand".
Good morning! What verse reminds you of God's control and sovereign hand?
The 60's had the communes, now we have chop , all attempts to create a loving community while shaking a fist at God and Gods way.they start with the premise that man is born good not evil. Your teaching is a guide post of truth...only people surrendered to Christ , can love ,such as ourselves , the unlovely...forgive and love our enemies ,be at peace with what is out of our control. Your teaching has been Gods lighthouse as the world spins out...determined to crash on the rocks...thank-you