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Caring and Sharing 

Air Date: 2/5/21 - Care and share – God gives you the responsibility and power to do both. And Pastor Nat reveals that caring and sharing is a proven method for building God's church, one person at a time. Today's episode is your invitation to the construction process! 


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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God is so good! His Word is relevant and life-changing! To God be the glory!
Take you Lord help me to do your work help me to live more like you
You are welcome. To God be the glory.
Amen! Our church family is one unlike any other! It's a blessing to be blessed. It fills the buckets that are often filling others.
Thank you for sharing. It is true that when we are bold with the gospel, it can and will offend people. It's often forgotten that following Christ can and will divide family and friends. But the benefit is being part of a bigger family. And the rejection is still real. I pray for strength to persevere and the wisdom to be winsome in your approach as you scatter seeds of the gospel.
Thank You! Wonderful advice and Teaching. While everyone that we talk to may not be quite ready for the Tandem app, the A.M. and P.M. Bible Minutes are a wonderful option and quicker and automatic. Once they sink their teeth into them, then perhaps the Lord will choose to tend the seed we have planted and they will "grow" towards the Tandem app. Amen Thank You again for your wonderful Words of Wisdom
thank you pastor nat for that messsge
We are praying for you. If I may say this it is the way in which we deliver God's word, Truth. We can slam it or we can gently say it. In which ever way you are delivering it I Pray that God will give and fill you with His strength, peace, wisdom to know that you are doing it alone! Never settle for just agree smile listen then pray on it for God to give you the courage and wisdom to deliver His Truth as He wants you to do. May God Guide you keep you and continue to lift you up into His Amazing Grace. In Jesus name Amen.
Thank you.
Thank you for this message.
Praying for you today that God would open their eyes, their ears, and their hearts to the truth. May you be encouraged and continue to love them even when they reject the truth you share. Amen.
You are not alone with this issue that is for sure! I am praying for God to continue to strengthen you & give you the words to share - keep shining His light!
David - I am so thankful for your church family - that has to make it so much easier for you to be where you need to be right now! I am praying for your family today!
I am the pastor of Lenoir City First Church of the Nazarene and I am usually on the giving end of caring and sharing. This month my Father in law has been in ICU 5 hours away and my church’s leadership team and staff have been caring for me and my family. They have taken up my normal duties and provided extra food and $ for meals for my teenage son while my wife and I are away. I don’t know how people make it without a church family. We are so blessed!
PLEASE pray for me. It seems like whenever I share with others that I care about, they get offended and do not want to be my friend and my family distance themselves and talk negative about me - when I am honest and transparent and open with them. As long as I go along with them and agree with them, EVERY thing goes GREAT. I will always stand up for what is TRUE and that's GOD's Word! IF it goes against the Word of GOD, I will say that it's not right! Does matter to me who likes or accepts me! The truth is the light and the TRUTH of God, sets us FREE.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Amen! My sons had Legos as little boys that are now stored in the crawl space in dusty boxes. Boxes and boxes of Legos. This sermon today makes me realize we have the tools, the love, the direction to build and help. I’m going to use them! Thank you for pulling the Legos out!
Happy Friday! I'd love to hear your stories of caring and sharing! Post them in the comments below.
Thank you for challenging me to care and share. I'm ready!
Love You Lord.