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Can You Trust the Bible?

Air Date: 3/31/21 - Blind faith isn’t necessary when proof exists! Today Pastor Nat points to the history, archeology, and corroborating evidence found inside and outside the pages of Scripture. Learn how to “trust but verify” the validity of the Bible.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Pastor Nat, thanks for the video as it encourages me. So often I felt shame for doubting and as a testimony that God’s Word is living and breathing, I was able to receive something new from His Word from passages that I have read before. I pray that I will start leaning on the Holy Spirit for help to use doubt as a tool for building and strengthening my faith. I will come back to this video to continue to glean the truth that God wants me to have. Thank you again for sharing.
I trusted God;s Word, I will trusted God;s Word, for he is trustworthy.
Thank you for this teaching today.
Amen, Praise God. Thank you Pastor Nat Thank you Michael
Thank you great message.
Father, I pray for Josephine. I pray she will have greater faith because of your presence and your Word. I pray she will cling to you and your Word each day! Amen!
Thank Pastor nat are need to grow my faith and please pray for me josephine to have great faith and to know God word amen
Amen, I know the Bible is true. I've seen all the documentary about every thing they have found. Never think the Bible is not real. All of these out rageous story's are true. It in the bible. I know Jesus is the son of God. I know God put these wonderful story's true. God had and has the power.
Chaz, we are all on a progressive path with Christ. Sometimes I sit down. Sometimes try to go backward. But Christ is there and helps me in the process of knowing and loving Him. God's love is amazing. God's grace is humbling. God's mercy is empowering. Let's keep pursuing truth together. It always leads to Christ.
Many people presuppose the Bible is true, but many more (the majority) do not. This is why I am thankful for the evidence God provides each day!
I recently presented at my kids' school on some of the archeological finds that back up the claims of Scripture. The students and teachers were excited to see so many proofs!
1 Corinthians 15 says that if Christ had not been raised from the dead, your faith is worthless. Eph 2 tells us we are saved by grace through faith. In other words, that's the starting point. Many people don't begin by knowing and believing all the stories in the Bible. But bit by bit through study and sanctification, they understand and believe. So, doubt, I've found strengthens our faith. Here is a message I gave on this topic:
Hey Raymon, to believe is to trust .Even when we can’t see it. Blessings
Chaz. I grew up in church a well and like you I had no interest in reading the Bible. Nobody I knew read it...I am 50 years old and I just started reading it 2 years ago. Like you it had profoundly changed my life. I too am glad that somehow God just said to me.... (please read my words. Get to know me. ) I'm very glad I listened! Bless you as you keep moving guests on your spiritual journey!🙏😇💕
When I ask God to grow me in a specific area or to teach me about something, as I read the Bible, He shows me a truth(s) related to the area in which I asked Him to grow or teach me. That strengthens my trust in the Bible and in God! God indeed communicates with us through His Word. The Bible is true, it is powerful and it is life-changing!!! As for doubt, it drags us down! I ask the God to drown my doubt in the truths found in the Bible. As doubt is replaced with truth, our trust in God and the Bible will grow and our faith will flourish!
As a younger man of 22, I had never taken the time or interest in reading the Bible in fact , I may have been considered by many as “ wild enough to shoot at” , anyway after coming to my senses I began to look to the Bible for answers to my needs . I had been raised in the church but I just wanted a different life I guess. I began ,after reading the Bible to think differently. It changed the direction I had been going. I’ve never been the same “praise God” . I’ve had set backs and the word assures me that I’ll never be utterly cast away . I continue to plow onwards and upwards because of the love he has for all of us and it’s worth reading about it. At 68 I’m not where I would like to be but I’m better off because I have read it. Thanks pastor Nat. Ps it will change you life
The Bible is the only truth left in the world, thank you Nat.
Thank you, Lord. Amen
I believe the Bible is true. I never heard those facts about the findings of the Red Sea. It's weird, I never really thought about if the Bible was true. I think I always assumed it was. But I never before really looked at all those incredible stories of the Old Testament (like we did yesterday). I will forever now read those stories again with awe. It's actually very exciting!!!! 😀💕😀💕😀
Wow that was awesome to have more facts..I did believe because so many New Testament facts have been verified ..but great to have more..God’s infallible word is always proved true..loved today’s message
Carol I totally agree with what you wrote. I always ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand while I am reading my Bible. May you have peace today. Amen
Amen! I struggle with doubt about some of the events recorded the Bible and I feel ashamed as I have believed that I should take God’s Word as truth and that settles everything. Today’s message resonates with me to look up these archeological facts to bolster my faith in God. I recently feel like the father saying to Jesus, “I believe. Help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24). Thank you, Pastor Nat for this message and Thank God that He has created a faithful servant.
Amen, i truly believe that the words written in the bible are true, we all need to read and focus on what we are reading also ask god sincerly to help us to understand as we read his words each day.