Can I Get a Witness? Part 2 - Win the Day

Can I Get a Witness? Part 2 

Air Date: 7/9/20 - Witnessing for Christ isn’t a suggestion.  It’s a command. Today Pastor Nat Crawford points out the importance of sharing Christ with others in your life.   Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join him to add some helpful how-to’s.

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2 years ago
God's word is the power.
2 years ago
Enjoyed listening to this message today. I haven't done as much face to face witnessing due to my age and the Covid 19. I have tried sharing messages on Social Media.
2 years ago
Thanks for todays teaching Pastor Nat and the Team. I have a clearer understanding of what is required in witnessing even when I are fearful. I must be repentant and obedient! Today I will meditate on: "God's Word is the Power".

Lord, help and empower me to be Your witness. Thank You that "Your Word is power".