But I Don’t Need God - Win the Day


But I Don’t Need God


Air Date: 12/3/21 - Why pray for what we need when we have everything we could want? Why pray if God knows our needs anyway? Join Pastor Nat as he searches for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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6 months ago
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7 months ago
I have never truly lived life on my own terms. I've had to live by the terms of other people's expectations. How do I deal with this?
7 months ago
Our heavenly Father, You are our provider and have with-held nothing good from us. So, thank You through Your Son Jesus, who has taught us how to pray for our daily bread. Lord, let us not be fooled into thinking that we are our own providers of all we need. Help us acknowledge You as the source of our daily bread.
7 months ago ( updated 7 months ago )
Jesus Prayer is never out of date for Jesus is Our Solid Foundation? I say The Lord's Prayer each new day. For He Provides our every need. Then stay in prayer all day and untill I lay down to Rest in His Love and Faithfulness Thank You God in Jesus name Amen
7 months ago
We are used to having so much yet, we are so impoverished, if We fail to grasp our need of God to provide everything we need physically and spiritually.
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