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Burn or Bless?


Air Date: 3/8/22 - If you play with fire, you’re gonna’ get burned! That’s the danger of our words, but in today’s episode, Jacob Wirka reminds you that your words can also bless. Who can you encourage with your words today?


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2 months ago
4 months ago
Here in America, the previous generations attitudes of contempt, hatred, and indifference was so extreme, it was practically vulgar. I fear we, of Generation X would follow that bad example.
4 months ago
Lord help me to keep my tongue🙏🏽
4 months ago
A great Quote that plays right in.

"I'm tired of Christianity that wears people out and smashes people down. I don't want to beat you up; I want to fill you up. That's how grace works."

- Bill Giovannetti
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, what a word of advice to us! How deadly is our tongue, how dangerous is the hell-fire which could be emitted. Lord help me keep my tongue and by Your Spirit, speak of Your healing, Your helps and Your graces. Lord, please speak for me.
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