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Blessing and Suffering


Air Date: 11/12/21 - We can rejoice and be glad when the world thatdoesn't know God begins to turn against us; this is a sign that we're doing theright thing! Jacob Wirka reminds us that God’s blessing may also mean suffering, so keep eternity in mind!

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2 months ago
thank you
8 months ago
Lord thank you for thy blessings with grace each day. Lord help me to continue to walk with christ during my suffering, open my hart to forgive my prosecutors. in jesus name. Amen.
8 months ago
Blessings are ours when we are God's children. He does bless his children. but they are conditional as per the BIBLE.
8 months ago
We know God, and We are his people is the greatest blessing. I will never forget about this statement. Thanks for the message.
8 months ago
This is real meat for my soul. Thank you Jesus for leaving me with an example to follow and to know that there is award in suffering. Gives me the courage to stand in the face of persecution. And I also pray for all believers the world over who are currently experiencing diverse persecutions. May you give them joy, peace and great assurance of hope. Amen.
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