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Being Spiritually Alive  

Air Date: 1/12/21 - Struggles are real, but so is God’s power for you through Christ! Today Nat Crawford paints the biblical picture of life with and without Christ.  Once you were dead spiritually speaking, but through Christ you can be spiritually alive, living abundantly, and everlastingly!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Cynthia, that is an understatement. Thankfully, God does not change!
Thank you for letting me know, Joey. I will communicate this to our team to see what happened!
Thank you pastor nat For the encouragment and I do struggle Lord help me in my struggle
Pastor Nat today I did not get your email on Win The Day nor did I get Spiritual uplift from Arnie cole. I did get an email that you replied to my post from yesterday, which I Thank You for. I clicked on Tandem today see get it but for spiritual Uplifting for Arnie there was not one it was from yesterday. Just wanted to let you know and wondered why Arnie did not do his today. Thankful for your 5 minutes of teaching and uplifting for us. May God Bless You and Keep You Always.
Thank you for this Pastor Nat. I am rally encouraged, I truly need my Christian believer to check me out. I want that crown and not soil my white garment. I want to finish well what Jesus did for me a sinner saved by Grace. Amen
Thank you Pastor Nat for this encouragement, for the most uncertainties that we are living today.
Thank you, Pastor Nat.
That is so true. Our lives should be a display of gratitude to God. Why do you think we struggle with this? At least, I do!
I love this it's a good word!
My prayer is that God will open the eyes of our heart to this truth. We have so much to thank God for.
thanks for the incurigment. this topic was needed and very much appreciated.