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Becoming Physically Fit, Part 1 

Air Date: 7/20/20 - Your body is a temple created by God, so today on Back to the Bible, Pastor Nat Crawford shares the need to be physically fit, as well as the freedom and power Christ gives you to do so. Later he talks about the practicalities of faith and fitness in his discussion with Arnie Cole.   

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford 

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This was very encouraging.
Thank you net I really appreciate that I always feel as long as I am not 100% sure I don't feel comfortable with it and I really like to care about my hair because I think hair are very precious very beautiful
I'm glad it was encouraging. It's hard to get many areas of our life under control. I've found that weight management is especially difficult because 1) we need to eat. It's natural and necessary. 2) Our bodies are all different, and they change. 3) There are many other factors, such as emotional and spiritual. So, it's not easy to manage. I will pray for your success in this area, Judith.
Thanks, Eva. There is nothing wrong with dying your hair. Just so you know, I'm the son of hairstylist! But no, the only "problem" with that kind of expense could be a monetary issue or the "heart" of why you're doing it. But in and of itself, self-care is a good habit to be in.
Hi thank you for this topic I struggle to with being physically fit and I also struggle with having grey hair I am 44 years old and I have dark hair and lots of grey hair and it really bothers me lots some of my friends they think it is wrong to die your hair and I feel more comfortable with my natural colour then grey hair and I struggle with this a lot and I know what Paul says is this profitable to dye my hair I don't know could you help me with this thank you
I spend my time in word, God;s word then I go for a walk. As a Christ follower I need to be more time in God;s Word.
Thank You!
I have struggled with being physically fit for a long time even though I have been in Weight Watchers. I weigh less now than I did; however, I still need to lose more. Listening to this message today has been encouraging.
Good morning! As we talked about today, becoming physically fit revolves around our mastering how we live. How have you struggled with this?