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Becoming a Grace-Bearer


Air Date: 4/27/21 - Pastor Nat shares a vision and a challenge to help you become a grace-bearer.  It’s all part of becoming spiritually-fit, and opening your life to others for the sake of Christ! 


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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God give grace to know better, but mercy to save the day.
Hey Joey. Yes, I did talk to my son about forgiveness. An important part of the lesson. I did see your response. I will post a replay later today! Thanks!
Tank you I love the message
I have often myself looked at as if I am forgiven by Jesus I must Forgive as well. Forgiving freely sets you free and draws us closer to God. Pastor Nat did you speak to your son about seeking that Forgiveness from his brother? As well I responded to your reply to my statement on "sex" topic. We must all Forgive for holding on to the hurt, anger or resentment only hurts us. It hurts because we are to let go Forgive and surrender it all to Jesus. When we do not not we allow others to control our feelings/emotions which we know we are not to do. For Jesus forgave us in no other way but with True Love with His Life. His Mercy's and Grace are made New each morning, let us all share those same Mercy's and Grace with all other's in Jesus name I Pray Amen
Thank you for the great video and message.
Lol. You're right. He didn't like it. But when he experienced a similar lesson, he got it. I think we all respond like the prodigal from time to time. Thankfully, God is at work in us to curb those responses.
Carolyn, very few people experience a family or relationships that are unconditional. Many strive for it, but few live it out successfully. You are not alone! Something I've learned is that you cannot lose what you do not have. In relationships, people will act, react, treat, etc. based on their values. So as you forgive people, they may view it as permission to continue to hurt and abuse. Forgiveness isn't permission to abuse. It's turning over the desire to get even over to God. It's letting go of the pain and trusting God to sort it out in the end. So when people refuse to change, we can put up loving boundaries. Sometimes people don't like them, but again, you can't lose (in this case in relationships) what you don't have. Regarding love, 1 Cor. 13 is one of the best passages on this topic. It is a high bar, but a godly one. Either way, remember, God loves you regardless of your performance. His love is forever unconditional for His children. Thank you, Father!
Amen, Thank you lord for giving me faith and strength to help others who need help.
Vicki. Awesome observation about The Prodigal Son!!!!!!
Carolyn, I totally understand that upbringing and turned my back on it. I asked God to show me a better way-- especially in my marriage and rearing my daughter-- and trusted Him to do it moment by moment. I trust what He says in His Word about me, and I trust His goodness, wisdom, and sovereignty.
This reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son. Mercy and grace given freely. I’m curious what did your oldest son think of this because to him it screamed that’s not fair
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Messages like this, although well presented and so true, scare me. I struggle so hard with forgiving myself. Yet, I think I forgive others pretty well...unless it's really not me forgiving, but just rolling over being my usual door mat. I also struggle with the concept of Love. I really, at times, don't think I understand it. See I grew up in a family where Love was conditional. It still is. There was no such thing as making a mistake and then having a "heart to heart" talk with your parents, then feeling better. No, it was a lecture of "you knew better, I'm disappointed in you, I hope you are feeling bad". Then it was never spoken of again. I have never had any HONEST close connection with my mother. It's all for show. I didn't realize it at the time, but it profoundly messed up my concept of love. I feel like my heart is hard and damaged. Always seeking the approval of others....not having the energy to keep grudges...but they are probably in me somewhere. I know I must hold a grudge against my mother. I probably just hide it, deep within me. She has never once said the words " I'm sorry" to me.... which, in theory, leaves every disagreement being 100% my fault. And since we don't speak of it/them.... it just makes for a long, dreary road where I truly feel like a messed up person. It's taken me a long time to realize my mother is a narcissist... but the damage has been done, and I'm afraid. God help me to forgive her. To set me free....and understand that her love for me is still conditional. At least it's something. Help me to open my heart so that I can really let you in to love me. Because as you have said over and over, unless I receive your love, I don't really know how to give it away. And what a sad life I lead. I never know if I'm just going through the motions or if the feelings I feel are real. Please, please, please show me how to love, let me feel I can do your work. I desperately offer this prayer up to you in Jesus's name..... please help me. Amen🙏😓🙏😓🙏😓🙏