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Be Ready to Follow

Air Date: 11/8/21 Does God’s voice get your attention?  Or do you shrug Him off occasionally like you did to your mom when you were a kid?  Today, Jacob Wirka shares the importance of listening, followed by doing -- immediately! 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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8 months ago
Respect Authority ~ Obedience
8 months ago
Dear Lord, help me to listen to your call
and follow you. Amen
8 months ago
Lord, help me to be a loyal follower..
8 months ago
Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your call. Your call has allowed me to walk a different path from the one I previously followed. Your way is the best way, and as I come Lord, lead me on.
8 months ago
Heavenly father thank you for your only son who died for us, which cleansed us from our sins so that we can be ready to follow him in the direction he leads us. Amen.
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