Are You Lukewarm? Part 2 - Win the Day

Are You Lukewarm? Part 2

Air Date: 8/31/20 - The COVID crisis has brought on unprecedented changes for our personal lives and for the life of the church. Yet, we’re reminded that Jesus calls us to thrive!  Today’s message by Pastor Nat Crawford is followed by discussion and application with Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and Author, Cara Whitney. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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2 years ago
Our church is open again and has been for about a month. We still need to wear masks and follow social distancing. We have on line services as well. I think there are some who are afraid to come for live serbices, but watch it on line. I have been going to hear the live services.
2 years ago
Hello I am a Christian who has had a brain aneurism and am legal for marijuana over it
It helps keep me seizure free and I have had gran maul seizures in saying that I am very interested in the Truth about Jesus and it gives me the capability to share with all those who would here me but I have not gone to a Church in years partly because of living a sinful life to a point but God has given me the gift of interpretation of the Scripture to the laymen's terms so to speak because a lot of the people I know who say they know the Lord fall into the either atheist or lukewarm and until very recently I have been sharing everything I can online to them about Righteousness but I do not want to be living a Lukewarm life myself
My prayer is that God will guide me on how to act and respond with conviction and response with open hearts and minds to the truth
Candice Litrenta
2 years ago
Thank you for the teaching I think there are lukewarm churches and I also believe there are churches that do that put people down rather than lifting them up spiritually I have a question how do you feel about wearing the face mask or a face shield I heard that people say that the face mask is not a good thing how do you see that?
2 years ago
we went to church at four different places, the first one didnt want us because my fiancee wore pants. The second one kick us out because we tried to set in a section that was to good for us. The third one made us leave because we were not married. I told them I have my own apartment and she has hers. The last one we went to last year lost it minister and closed. We are still looking for a new church but they are closed because of the covid 19. Hope they open soon.
2 years ago
being in god's word, and in prayer in my daily life.
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