Are You Lukewarm? Part 1 - Win the Day

Are You Lukewarm? Part 1

Air Date: 8/28/20 - The church of Laodicea was an indifferent church.  How did it get that way, and how can you keep from being lukewarm and indifferent yourself?  Today’s message and discussion time will help you move forward in faith.  

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a year ago
Must look at yourself as Jesus would , are you lukewarm?
a year ago
Thank you, for this post
a year ago ( updated a year ago )
As Christ follower, we have to look at ourselves hard in the face of Christ being in the communication and in prayer.
Amen means Jesus is the truth.
a year ago
What changed that for me, was, when God put in place , the consequences of my sins, my shattered life and choices stemming from sins against me as well as my own sins. God knows me so well . He does to me what pleases Him, which is that He is glorified,worshipped and praised...even my most painful moments. When we hit the wall...then we must choose, who will we serve...self or God almighty.
a year ago
I think we all have had moments of indifference in our faith. When was that moment for you? What changed that?