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A Work in Progress 


Air Date: 5/4/21 - Ever feel like a work in progress?  That’s not a bad thing to be, explains Pastor Nat.  Especially because the God of beginnings also happens to be the God Who is faithful to complete them!  


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Carolyn my sister in Christ, I thank for it is for all of us. It to is one of my favorites verses but as well The Lord is The Joy of my Strength is another. Thank you each day is a Blessing. Peace and Grace be with you always Blessings come to those who believe so there on there way to you as well.🤗🕊️😇
Good morning, Eva. God never gives up on His children. For that, I am very thankful. God's love and mercy never fail and His grace is always sufficient. Those are reasons to rest and celebrate.
Thanks, Angel. Yes, we all struggle. God's Word is a great reminder of how to live, how to recover when we fall, and where our true hope lies. Powerful and essential!
Thank you pastor Nat I am a working progress for many years already sometimes I get so discouraged but you encourage me today Sometimes I worry that I will be to Luke warm that the Lord will give up on me
Thank you, Pastor Nat. You always encourage me through your messages. God bless you for telling us that you're human and you struggle with sin as we all do. I always feel unworthy , but I've learned that GRACE is sufficient. Praise God!
Joey, my Brother in Christ, what a beautiful prayer!! And that is one of my favorite scriptures passages!!! I hope things are going well with you. Peace and Blessings are being sent your way! 🙏😇
Thanks for the message.
Great video great message thank you.
Father Please teach us to live and not just be alive of that which is this world. Teach Jesus I Pray to do all things as You did with Love, Compassion, Humbly knowing when we let go give surrender all to You we will become more like You Father. Thank You Jesus to know that nothing can separate us from You. Please continue to work within us to live for You not for this world. In Your Gracious name Jesus I Pray Amen. Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” “Strengthen yourselves by seeking the source of true strength—the Savior. Come unto him. He loves you. … Make him your strength, your daily companion, your rod and your staff. Let him comfort you. There is no burden we need bear alone. His grace compensates for our deficiencies.”
Shari, that is so sad on many levels. I am praying for your health and recovery. That must be frustrating. And so hard to see and experience that kind of attack from a child. I'm praying that God will correct Him quickly and he responds with repentance. I pray for a desire to change.
Thanks for the encouragement. I am thankful for the work BttB has been willing to evolve with time. Our Bible teaching is committed to historical, evangelical interpretation. So that doesn't change, but how we reach, teach, and coach people do. More improvements are in the works. Be on the lookout!
I have found being honest about my struggles levels the playing field. Some people elevate pastors and ministry leaders to heights no person can achieve. I don't do it perfectly, but thankfully Christ did. Have a great day!
This passage is very good to remember and reminder.
Thank you Pastor Nat for your transparency. It is so encouraging to know that others battle things in their lives too. So many won't admit it ...
Shari, I'm so sorry you are going all of this. I pray that God will heal your physical body... help you get stronger. And I'll also pray for your son to learn to be more respectful towards you. May you find some peace, hope and strength in your day today. 🙏💕🙏
Karen I'm so glad you enjoy this app as much as I do!!! I agree with you 100%. There is always room for knowledge and understanding!! May you have a Blessed day!! 😇
I agree with Carolyn. BTTB is about the best app there is for Christians Pastor Nat always speaks to me in some way. And I am thankful to be a work in progress. Because there's always room for improvement and room for more understanding and knowledge. Thanks to all at BTTB
Amen, I do need prayer to get going if my life. I've had a 4th stroke, hard to think right. I've had 2 massive strokes and 2 major strokes. It's like my son and older daughter are against me. My son mostly. Always putting me down , I don't say things right. And its nothing bad. But my son acts like it is I do anything for my kids if they need help. But my son takes you for granted. But ill still do it. I get on him about using people. Which he does!!! Its sad. I thought I brought him up right. You don't treat people bad. He is 23 yrs old. But he is so disrespectful of me and his father. His dad let's him get away with every thing. I told my husband you believe in Jesus but you will answer for that. He let's our son be disrespectful to me. Puts me down always. Maybe it's me. I ask God to help me. My strokes have left my brain a little mess. God be with me. I want to do right.
Pastor Nat, I'm not sure how to get in touch with you other than this site... so I'm posting again to answer your question about my day yesterday. Work is definitely going to be a trial and true test in my Faith in God. Things are still changing daily, if not weekly, and I don't see a resolution for at least several months. I work in the court system... and just because some courts are open, they are not letting advocates in... and the courts themselves are now including remote sessions as a regular thing.... so it's unclear how much we are going to be needed... what are roll will be.. and where we will be doing work. Basically my entire job that I've had for 15 years is going to change dramatically and nobody really knows what it will look like.... it's scary. It really is. I've decided that God wants me to learn some lessons in this action of "waiting". I'm not going to jockey for a schedule... I'm going to keep asking God to intervene on my behalf and to TRUST that his plan is far better than anything I could imagine at this point. It's going to be a whirlwind of a ride...but I'm going to use one of your lessons and try to just "Enjoy The Ride"!!!! I know me talking about work is probably selfish and mundane... and not fair, but it's where we spend half of our lives... and I just don't want to hate what I do due to all these MAJOR changes because of the pandemic. I feel very selfish, at times, bringing these concerns up here... Thank You so much for your Kindness, Encouragement and Support. I REALLY don't know how I would make it through if it weren't for this BBTB/GT family. I really mean that. Finding this app was the Best Gift God has given me in a long time.... and I know I probably use it way too often... but it's so helpful to me... I wish I had words to say just truly how much. Thank You for always listening!! It makes me smile. God Bless You!!!!!!! And Peace be With You. Carolyn 🙏😇💕😇🙏
My pleasure. God's Word is the power. I'm thankful to be a conduit for it.
I'm right there with you. It's a daily grind, but thankfully God's grace is sufficient.
Me too! Me too!
Clyde, it is a daily battle. Thankfully, God gives us the tools to win and the mercy when we fail.
Good insight, Margo. It's true, when we battle (sinfully) we are really battling with God. Good reminder!
How did things go at work yesterday?
Lord, please help me today. Meet your appointment for me. If there is one.
thank you, Pastor Nat, for your encouragement!! always a blessing. may i encourage someone today.
Some days I wish I’d be done with the work. But there’s too much to be done in me
I think I will be a work in progress for a lifetime.😊 I thank You Lord for being so patient with us.
Amen, lord i am so thankful for your daily inspirations in my life.
I also am quick to get angry and am not nice to my wife at certain times. But I repent and seek God when I do. I am a work in progress and I know I am better today than I was yesterday. I will keep on striving to become a true disciple of God!!
Amen God bless God!!! Thank you Lord for your everyday grace and mercy in our lives!!!
Oh bless the Lord, I truly thank you Lord for Your constant hand of mercy as You continue to shape, mold and fashion me into what you want me to be.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Thank you Jesus...I am still a work in progress until the end.
After breaking down Ex. 17, Moses asked the people, why do you contend with me, ...with God... I realized I am contending with God when I argue with my husband. Thanful that His mercies are new every morning and I am a work in process. Thank you Pastor Nat.
This was such a beautiful and COMFORTING lesson today!!! Sometimes I forget that God chose ME...and regardless of circumstances he will help me finish the race and get to Heaven!!! God will strengthen me. The Holy Spirit will guide me, and Jesus will be next to me ALL THE WAY. Such a wonderful concept in which to focus on today. I needed this reminder so much right now. We truly have the Best God Ever!!!! I love you Jesus and I'm sorry for all the times I sin, especially when I know it's wrong, yet I can't seem to help it. I'm sorry I hurt you with my thoughts and actions. I love you, and thank you for choosing me to be one of your "race partners" in life!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
Amen! Thank you Father God Thank you Pastor Nat Blessing today Brethren In Jesus name we pray