A Word to the Wives, Part 2  

Air Date: 6/9/20 - There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about marriage today.  So, what does the bible say?  Pastor Nat Crawford takes a closer look at God’s design for this covenant with a focus on the important role of the wife.  Discussion partners Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole add practical take-home points. 

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I really enjoyed listening.
Enjoyed listening to this.
I think Dale Evans is one who inspired me.
I always enjoyed Donna Reed "Mary" in It's a Wonderful Life. She was hopeful, loyal, and respectful to George. She lead her family well while jumping to action when the need arose.
Who's an on-screen woman who inspired you? Why?
No, God doesn't want wives or husbands to be treated like doormats. The hard part is giving as Christ gave. No easy task, but possible by God's grace.
Thank -you for todays teaching. I had get honest with God and myself about where I was broken , and not surrendering to Gods healing truth...led me to chose unhealthy relationships. That had to be battled out with God before attempting even friendships, let alone a marriage...of course , every word of scripture is for my benefit and His Glory!
Husbands need to do the same, I was treated like a doormat and lied on. And physically and mentally and emotionally abused. I don't think that Our Heavenly Father would want this for His children.