A Word to the Wives, Part 1  - Win the Day

A Word to the Wives, Part 1 

Air Date: 6/8/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford continues his series, “Family Done God’s Way” with a look at the important role of wives.  Discover the practical and spiritual guidance God’s Word gives to marriage partners.  Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and author Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat for discussion. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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When God bless the woman to married to her love of her life, God had this marriage he will continue ro bless. I know a godly and God fearing couple they had Christ centered in their lives, God bless them with seventy years of marriage.
Thank you. This really helped me.
Thank you that is really helpful
Wow, Judith. I can't even imagine. God knows your heart! Thank you for sharing!
Enjoyed listening to this message. I wish my marriage was better. It's hard to work with a marriage when the other half is in a nursing facility 5 hour drive from you and you are not on a contact list.
I like to look at nature and walk around. I focus better that way.
Insightful and instructive! This will help me to "get back on track" in my marriage with God at the helm guiding every step. Thanks for sharing!!
I like to travel to see and do new things with others. It also relaxes mind and body.
I like to do my scrapbooking and quilting with others. My friend and I enjoy going up to the mountains and listening to the sounds of nature.
My wife and I have several hobbies: fishing, attending musicals, shooting, and golfing.
Good morning! Happy Monday! What's a hobby you like to do with someone else?
It was a game-changer for our marriage! Thanks for commenting!
Thank you. The. Message has. Made. Me. Realize. To. Do. More. Things with. My husband. He. Is. My. Friend. And. Soulmate