A Word to the Husbands, Part 2  
Air Date: 6/11/20 - What wins the heart of a wife?  Find out as Pastor Nat Crawford shares what it takes to be a godly husband.  We’ll see that marriage done God’s way doesn’t just happen, there is work to be done. But along with the work, there are plenty of blessings!  Discussion partners Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole add encouraging insights and conversation. 

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Thank you Pastor Nate, you really know what you are talking about, I really appreciate this teaching.
Thanks for the message.
Thanks for the word. But this is for couples that are marry but I am single.
Jed Bartlet on West Wing. Depicted as a U.S. President, he handled national and world problems, yet he could come apart when his family was challenged.
Thanks Pastor Nat for today's teaching and encouragement.
Pastor Nat here! Who's an on-screen husband or father you enjoyed watching?
I enjoyed this message today.
Thank you. I will definitely let my husband listen to this discussion.
Great sermon today. Really spoke to men..
To focus on what God commands us to do, not react to others...even our spouse..is inner peace. Personal responsibility for our relationship with God, our sins , and surrender to lack of control over others...we are not the Holy Spirit.....thanks once again pastor Nat !