A Tense Parting Pt. 1 - Win the Day

A Tense Parting Pt. 1
Air Date: 4/17/20 - Learning to trust God is a step by step process, one that you’ll be encouraged to celebrate in today’s message from Bryan Clark. Afterward, Bryan will join apologist Nat Crawford in-studio for a conversation that will help you move forward in faith! 

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What God is telling us today, God will supply all needs we only ask God.
Thank you Brian for the teaching you explained how we are about giving to the church and that is so true for me as well I have to work on that I am struggling with it
God is provider, deliverer. God well providefor us God deliverer us to himself.
There is only one true God. He is the God of Truth and Righteousness. I truly believe and trust in him.