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A Spiritual Interruption

Air Date: 10/1/20 -Discover the truths of Christ and learn to live in the transforming freedom and power of the gospel. Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford begins a verse by verse study of the book of Galatians called, “We Are Free.”  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join in to break down today’s message for your life.

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I think those are possibilities. The experiential is hard to refute. There is quite the case of Muslims converts from seeing a vision of Jesus. Likewise, Gary Habermas has done some good work on NDE's as well. It's a fascinating study for sure!
Pastor Nat nothing everything will worK out in God timing . I enjoy the q&a tonight
Thank you, Pastor Nat sharing this wonderful insight.
In regards to Paul having a "visitation with Jesus", do we have that today, I believe there are testimonies especially among the Muslim population of having a visitation from Jesus. There are also the near death experiences. I think we all have a lot of questions, I know Mother Theresa said she would have a lot of questions when she got to Heaven, but I do believe also when we see Jesus personally at that time the questions will not matter. The Word is where we meet him the most. Just my thoughts. I am so very blessed by all your teachings.
We are all a bunch of hypocrites
Thank you, Nat. Amen.
As we begin our study of the book of Galatians I asked a question: What would you change about Christianity? The reason I asked is because there are many changes and positions we've seen in Christianity over the past 2000s. Some of these came through "pushback" to the gospel. What's a common pushback you have heard to Christianity?