A Fragile Faith Pt. 2 - Win the Day

A Fragile Faith Pt. 2
Air Date: 4/2/20 - A crisis can make your faith seem fragile, but it can’t stop the blessing of God’s abundant grace! That’s the good news Pastor and Bible Teacher Bryan Clark shares in today’s message. And he’ll bring that message home to you when he joins Nat Crawford in-studio for conversation and helpful insight to help you move forward in faith. 

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Thank God for His faithfulness. Indeed He is not a man that He should lie. This gives me hope that whatever He has said will come to pass
Thank you Brian I love this story about how God blesses people even though their face is small
Gen, 26:27-30 The resaon the Philiistines, they know that Isaac wasbless by God they wanted to to have the blessing. they had made an cexchanged oaths and left in peace.
Listening on my Roku player today at Oneplace.com
Yes. Thank God for His Faithfulness, and, for His Amazing Grace!! Great message Bryan.