60 Seconds After You Die pt. 1 - Win the Day

60 Seconds After You Die pt. 1 Air Date: 3/6/20 - What happens seconds after we die? In this episode of Back to the Bible, Bryan Clark answers that question, revealing that we step into the presence of God. As he unpacks Luke 16—and cites other passages in the Bible—Bryan offers the assurance of eternal life with God for those who commit their lives to Jesus. Back to the Bible Presents: Bryan Clark https://youtu.be/vvQXyKbR3ks We welcome your comments, questions, and responses. Please feel free to leave them below! If you want to share this Daily Bible Teaching with friends and family, here is the link: https://bttb.org/your-daily-bible-teaching-broadcasts
My sister passed this year and this was comforting because I know where she is today and it reassured me of what i can expect when i close my eyes for the last time here on this earth. I will see God!!
Cynthia - we are glad you can join us for these messages!
thank you Brian I recently lost my mom this message means so much to me thank you.
I really enjoy listening to Bryan teaching, he makes it very clear you literly understand about the bible saya.
Thank you for your comments. Our goal is to help people grow closer to God so we are very glad that you have been able to listen to the messages! Enjoy them.
I would like to say that I really enjoy these back to the bible videos. They help me understand things a lot better and even though I just started 3 days ago, I am getting so much out of listening to back to the bible. Thanks!