2 Samuel - The Faithful King - Win the Day


2 Samuel - The Faithful King


Air Date: 5/12/22 - Sin reveals the ugliness of human pride, yet God’s faithfulness shines through!  Jacob Wirka explains this important theme from 2 Samuel as we continue our journey through the Bible one book at a time.


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15 days ago
I thank God that He is Faithful even when I am not. I have not always kept my word when I should have. It is good that we live for a God who forgives! He is rich in mercy and Good to those who are unbelievers. God Loves all of us and does not want to see anyone perish! Put your faith in Him and believe! He is the Door to Eternal Life!
16 days ago
Lord Jesus, You are the greatest of all kings and You rule in men's hearts. You are not only King Jesus, but You are the Saviour of the world who rules forever. Show me the path in which I should walk Lord, and help me avoid the occasions of sin. Thank You, Lord, for Your perfect plan of redemption.
16 days ago
Thank you that you're faithful and we can always trust you.
17 days ago
Amen! God is Faithful indeed!
Thank you for this message. And as always!
17 days ago
Glory be to God. Truth...Yes, Yes Lord. Amen, by the grace and help of God through Christ.
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