2 Peter – Be On Guard - Win the Day


2 Peter – Be On Guard


Air Date: 7/11/22 - Does truth exist? If so, how can we know? How should we live in a world of confusion and lies? Join Pastor Nat as he looks at 2 Peter for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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a month ago
Lord thank you for thy words to stand on daily for our challenges against false prophet and their teachings. Amen.
a month ago
Lord Jesus, while we are confronted with many versions of truth, I turn to Your never-changing Word in this ever-changing world for guidance in my daily walk. Lord, keep me on my guard against all heresies and lock me into Your truth by Your Word.
a month ago
a month ago
Lela Hunt
God is good to His people and I love Him for loving me who didn't deserve Him
a month ago
Thank you LORD
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