1 Timothy – Fight the Good Fight! - Win the Day


1 Timothy – Fight the Good Fight!


Air Date: 7/2/22 - Should we live a certain way? If so, how should we live in a fallen world while trying to reach the lost? Join Pastor Nat as he looks at the Book of 1 Timothy for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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2 days ago
3 days ago
Jesus, slow me down. Show me the miraculous in every moment. Help me to see ALL that you are doing around me. Give me eyes to witness the small miracles and to give you thanks for those precious gifts. May I not be so focused on MY work, that I forget to pay attention to YOUR gifts. Thank you for this opportunity. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. Much love have a great holiday and marvelous weekend stay safe
3 days ago
Thank you Lord for the privilege of seeing another day. I am not asking for an easier life but for the tools and resources to handle what life bestows on me. Amen
3 days ago
Amen thank you for sharing the word as more as I journey through my Christian walk in this life Im reminded and found the foundation along with being grounded stands true in God truths. Blessed
3 days ago
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