1 Samuel - Who Will You Bow To? - Win the Day


1 Samuel - Who Will You Bow To?


Air Date: 5/11/22 - What or who will you bow to? Who will be your King? Jacob Wirka reminds you that God raises up the humble and humbles the proud.  This is the main theme from 1 Samuel, a book rich in storied history, wisdom, and theology.


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17 days ago
That was really good!
17 days ago
God please put in me a humble heart to serve you alone in truth and in spirit. I pray this in Jesus name.
17 days ago
Amen Hallelujah thank you Jesus
17 days ago
God raise up th humble and humbles the proud.
17 days ago
Heavenly Father, You are the Creator and Ruler over all creation and every person shall account to You. Grant us the grace to live in peace with You, accepting Your rulership in all facets of our lives. Help us to recognize You as the King and Owner of us, and help us in all things to do Your will.
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