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1 Chronicles – Different Strokes 


Air Date: 5/16/22 - How can genealogy help us move closer to God? How can history prepare us for a future of success? Join Pastor Nat as he studies 1 Chronicles for the answers.  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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11 days ago
"Lord, I am thankful for every day that You have given me. Thank You for all You have done for me. In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen."
12 days ago
Heavenly Father, You alone deserve to be given all the honour, and all the power and all the glory, for You are exalted above all creation. And because of Your love for us, You have established an everlasting covenant with us through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You, Father, for allowing me into Your family through Jesus Christ, my Saviour.
12 days ago
Here is a question that should be answered, Throughout all of history of the Bible the genealogy of the House of David had been followed and it was followed up until Joseph and the birth of Christ and that where it stop. No if God have spent this many years to trace the house of David why did man stop following the genealogy of the House of David. There was other children of this house but christians chose to know long follow the House of David or even Joseph Mary Husband as if God chosen people was no longer important and just follow the teaching of Jesus Christ which make the Bible itself become full of nothing but anomalies since we knows that God spent the entire Old testaments talking about a family that can be link all the way back to Adam and Eve. Don’t anyone other than me think that their is something really wrong here that the Bible doesn’t even tell you what actually happened to Joseph the Husband of Marry and Jesus Brothers and Sisters and the rest of that bloodline. How many people today exist because of God forgotten bloodline, that sure to me is something to think about. Since I don’t believe that God bring people this for just to just forget about them from ever being a major part of human existence.
2 replies
11 days ago
I appreciate your thoughts and question. As Chaz pointed out, the Scriptures we hold in our hands are the very word of God (2 Tim 3:16-17). The Bible is the story of reality that at its core is about God. It's the story of God, His creation, and His plan. In the story is us. We were created in God's image. But we fell away from God. So God promised a Savior (Genesis 3). And that pathway was traced through the line of David to the birth of Jesus. After that point, the people of God were those who are saved by grace through faith. Now, it's the spiritual lineage over the physical lineage. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. Mary was just a woman. Joseph was just a man. We do know what happened to some of Jesus' brothers (Jude, James, etc). All of Scripture and our role in it is not to point back to us but to God. That's a reason why the lineage is no longer recorded. Does this help?
11 days ago ( updated 11 days ago )
Since all scripture is God inspired we need to understand that what is recorded is what God chose to write . The apostle Paul wrote to a young Timothy, all scripture is for OUR learning. All he had during his life was the Old Testament scripture.
The New Testament hadn’t been written yet . The Apostle Peter wrote that holy men who were carried along by the spirit wrote as they were guided by the Holy Spirit.
When my children were younger and ask questions like yours ,I would tell them too much information would only take our focus away from the message being written . If you are sincere , maybe this will help you in this question.
12 days ago
Your Words is true!
12 days ago
Thank You Lord! Your is true Amen
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