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Simplifying Outreach


Air Date: 4/22/21 - It’s only natural to share good news.  But how do you share the good news of salvation?  Pastor Nat takes the mystery out of making disciples by simplifying outreach with some practical advice and encouragement.  

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Out reach is reaching outside of self. I can do this!
Hallelujah, knowing God is so awesome.
My pleasure, Carolyn. I'm glad you felt the freedom to ask. Outreach is really the willingness to live a life of inviting people into your life. Discipleship in Jesus' day was time and relationally intensive. What the teacher did, the student did. Where the teacher went, the student went. What the teacher ate, the student ate. That's intense. So what would happen if we opened up our lives even a fraction of the amount? What if people who are far from God were able to walk, eat, and serve with us each day. While going, make disciples. I can. The question is will I? Have a great day, Carolyn!
Amen Yesss Lord
Wow I really like how you put this into context. Outreach can really just mean living your life as God wants you too and being an example to other people. I often think actions are stronger than words. I also think words are very powerful. When someone holds open a door for me, I always say Thank You, and I'm trying to get in the habit of saying "God Bless You". I know it's simple (and maybe a "cop out", on outreach) but I always wonder what if hearing the words "God Bless You" from a complete stranger, over something so simple may change that person's day for the better. It's a start. Like maybe they'll tell their friend about their simple interaction...and maybe it can be the start of something Good!! God Bless You All!!!! 🙏💕😇💕🙏 PS: Pastor Nat Thank You so much for taking the time to answer my question on Blasphemy. It REALLY HELPED, and it truly did ease my worry!!!!! Again Thank You and God Bless You. 🙂