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Don’t Waste a Trial 


Air Date: 5/8/21 - What do people see when they watch you endure problems?  Pastor Nat encourages you to make the most of your trials by trusting God and letting the world see His work in your life, even in the worst of circumstances!  


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The born of my granddaughter born at 5 months. The challenge my daughter was facing again. Because her my first born granddaughter were also born prematurely and live one months and days and die and die on my birthday.Lord knew my daughter heart and he pain she went through. The lord place my first born granddaughter Angel in the incubator with her sister to see her. Her dad said what’s that I told that’s her Big Sister protecting her.
When my son was diagnosed with leukemia he almost died 5 times. Every month we would go to the hospital for 4 days (plus the times we had to when he was gravely ill) During these 4 days he would have intensive different chemos that made him vomit. One he called red death because it was a red bag. It was the worse yet made him feel the best when it was over. We would pray all during these days and sessions. As soon as he could, each day he would bath or shower put his walking PJs on, his protective mask because the chemo destroyed his immunity for awhile and then say “mom let’s go for a walk in the park.” The walk in the park consisted of circling the entire unit 4 times, it was brutally exhausting for him as he pushed his IV pole, hanging onto it for support. But we would stop at each patient sitting outside their door or leaning on a wall, and talk with them. All the while telling our stories, listening, encouraging each other, families and praising the Lord giving Him the glory. Death wasn’t always met with sadness and my son left with some of his best life’s memories. It brought him to know his Savior. Thank you Jesus!
Amen 🙏🏽
Dear Vicki Praise God I’m happy for you that your time ‘waiting at the pool’ was spent getting that hgb A1C under control… you are awesome ! Prayers for a speedy recovery. Now, ‘get up and walk!.’ John 5. In Jesus name Amen
I have very advanced bad arthritis in both knees and need a double knee replacement. I was told a month ago that my sugar levels were too high for surgery. So God used the very painful knees to teach me to stick closely to the diabetic way of eating-- eating less carbs really does bring the sugar down! It was vey disappointing to be told no surgery--but God! He used it to work in me obedience to hIm in the area of eating. I've had the opportunity to share how God is working with many. Then yesterday, I met again with the surgeon and my numbers were fine--even though the A1c test is for 90 days, and it had only been 30, my sugar was in the correct range with the average of the 90 days! All God! I am a teacher and international summer camp director in a Christian school, and due to Covid, this summer we will not have camp. So this would be the ideal summer to get my knees repaired and return mid-August as the bionic woman! But when I was told no surgery originally, it was a hard thing to swallow. Now yesterday, the surgery is a go! June 7! Praise God! As I had asked others to pray, it was for God's will , not my own, so if the date ended up being in late July or August--then no surgery this summer as the recovery period is 2-3 months. But God!!! He allowed it to be early in June--right after this school year ends! I have shared my desire for God's will -- not mine-- in all of this. I am certain God can use my testimony for His glory as we move ahead and deal with the surgery. THe doc said my knees were the worst he's ever seen, and he's been an orthopedic surgeon for many years. He said he will aim to do both knees, but because of the damage there and bent knees that haven't been able to straighten for years, he said it may take him too long to finish one knee. If that's they case, he will stop. And the second one will have to wait. That's disappointing to hear, bu the said I cannot stay under anesthesia but so long. But I have a peace--I want God's plan. IF only one knee gets fixed, I will praise Him! Please pray that my testimony to all I encounter in this journey, will be as Paul's--and point everyone to our awesome Savior!