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Creating the Habit of Peace 


Air Date: 6/22/21 - There’s little to control over how, when, or why life happens the way it does.  But Pastor Nat assures you that there is a way to have peace about it.  Learn how to create “the habit” of peace in your life!

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3 hours ago
Amen. Lord i Thank you for thy blessings and love for all.
5 hours ago
Pastor Nat Amen! This to is one of three of my favorites verses. I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me is my first. What a Blessing that our children remind us to "stop" and pray.

This was a message that everyone needed today Pastor Nat. Thank You and Praise Jesus Glory to God Amen
5 hours ago
Good message
7 hours ago
Such a great message thank you Pastor Nat.
8 hours ago
That was a good one for me. I worry then realize I need to stop and pray. As my fiancee tells me, we are a work in progress. Thank you for reminding me I need not to worry.
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