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Living as a Heavenly Citizen 


Air Date: 5/17/21 - Have you ever given your kids that talk – the one about behaving in public?  The Apostle Paul had similar words for followers of Christ, and today Pastor Nat relays those words to help us behave like citizens of Heaven!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Amen 🙏🏽
I love the term "Citizen of Heaven"!!! I don't believe I have ever heard it before. What a perfect description of "How to Live and how to Present Yourself to the world"!! It's funny sometimes it's so easy, and so natural, and during those times life feels great. It feels fantastic when I'm able to have a genuinely pleasant exchange between a stranger I run into at a store. Or a regular worker that recognizes me and we experience a nice conversation. I always pray to God to let me run into people throughout my day in which these exchanges happen. I feel like it gives me fuel for the times, when I have to interact with people......... and I don't feel or demonstrate "Christ Like Living". Those are the times when I really need to hear Paul's "pep talk" to me!!! I can get frustrated with people's behavior towards me, sometimes quickly (depending on the person and situation).... and then those nagging feelings of frustration just sometimes stay with me longer than they should; and I'm sure when they are there, I am so not acting like a "Citizen of Heaven". I need to seriousky work on this. If I could "just let go of feeling frustrated and helpless"... then I know I can get back on track and demonstrate "Christ Like Living". I pray to God to help me just give those ugly feelings to him, when they happen, so I can enjoy the Peace of Being His Child again. I admit, sometimes it's easier for me to get back on track than other times. God please help me to live like a "Citizen of Heaven" today, so that I may represent you and make you proud that I am your child! Please bless everyone here at BTTB and allow them the same opportunities. Together we CAN be an "Army of Christ" and bring Joy and Encouragement to everyone we meet along the paths of our lives today!! In Jesus's name I pray this. Amen 🙏💕😇💕🙏