Getting Started - Colossians – He Is Enough


Getting Started…

We think the world has the answers to our problems. But have you ever noticed that it never satisfies? And yet, we fall for the lies so often. But we need to accept the truth that everything we need is in Jesus Christ alone. The world is not enough. We are not enough. But Jesus Christ is enough.


This is the central theme of the book of Colossians—the sufficiency of Christ. Throughout this letter, the apostle Paul emphasizes that Jesus is preeminent over everything. He is Lord over all creation and all human powers answer to Him. He repeatedly affirmed that salvation is found in nothing and no one else. Christ’s work on the cross was sufficient to redeem and restore us to God the Father.


In this study, join Pastor Nat Crawford as we remind ourselves of the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. And as we do, we’ll find not only the mission God has called each one of us to, we’ll discover that God has equipped and empowered us to live for Him so we can see and enjoy the fruits of our labor in Christ.
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14 days ago
Jesus is truly enough
14 days ago
Yes Jesus is truly enough for our lives!!