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How much do you know about Noah? How good's your memory of the minor prophets? If you think you know all the details about the disciples and can cite the source of any Scriptural statement, then you've come to the right place!

Take this Bible Challenge quiz and show us how much you learned in Sunday School, and maybe learn something you didn't know.

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Quiz - Pharisees & Sadducees - Bible Quizzes

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5 months ago
6 months ago ( updated 6 months ago )
For some reason I can't view my score.
1 reply
6 months ago
Trinity - I am thankful that you took the quiz & I am not sure what happened with your score. Is it possible for you to take the quiz again and after you answer question 9 - choose Submit. On the next page there is a button that says View Score & your score will be at the top right corner of that page. Please let me know if you have any further issues.
6 months ago
2 replies
6 months ago
Thank you, and i sure will return to do more quiz.
6 months ago
Thanks for taking the quiz Carol! We hope you continue to come back and enjoy more of them.
6 months ago