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Karen - I am using Chrome from my browser and that seems to work just fine - you might want to try using Chrome. Thanks for letting us know about this & let me know if you still have problems! THANKS
What am I missing here? After first 2 questions it says the word back and does not proceed to third question I refreshed etc but I can still only see first 2 questions. Does anyone else have that problem?
10 / 10
How do I get to question 3 after finishing first 2
Got all right! Thank you for making the weekly Bible Quiz.
Been a while, but it started to get clearer as I read the? I really enjoyed the moment
I love it! Thank you for putting this together.
We are glad you enjoyed the quiz! Keep coming back!
Good quiz! I have room for improvement!
Only 5 right end to study james more
45/50 Good quiz & helpful