Getting Started - 12 Voices of Easter - Short Video Series

Welcome to the 12 Voices of Easter! 

In Christ's hours of dark sorrow, from His arrest in the garden to His agonizing death on the cross, friends and followers abandoned Him and foes assailed Him. Yet voices of faith and adoration were still heard among the uncelebrated players in the Easter story--a common criminal, a Roman soldier and a weary traveler.

Whether the participants and eyewitnesses to the greatest act of love doubted or believed Jesus, whether they defended or denied Him, none could escape His compassion, kindness or sinless innocence. Each was forced to decide if Jesus was the promised Messiah or a fraud.

The Easter story demands a verdict. Ambivalence toward Jesus, as Pilate learned, is unbelief. Will you join the voices of Mary Magdalene, Cleopas, Thomas and others, and recognize that Jesus is the risen Lord, the Savior of sinful man? Like Peter, you'll discover that Jesus longs to offer you forgiveness and a second chance.

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a month ago
Who Are you Discipling or Desire to Disciple?
a month ago
It's a refreshing reading this A.M. It syncs well with other articles I read earlier this morning. Thank you and God Bless you for your sharing.😇❤️☝️🙏😇
2 months ago
Wonderful teaching tools for moments of Reflections. Thank you.
By way, is there any transcripts of these voices to be used in local churches for sale?
a year ago
We are loving listening to these voices. Thank you Back to the Bible!
a year ago
It will be good for us Christians, Christ died for us so that we be saved from our sins
1 reply
a month ago
Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sin. Thank for the sacrifices you made for me. Your tournament that I witnessed watching the Easter movie made me cry, now I know when I fall short how you must feel. I love you Jesus.
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