Day 5 - American Underdog Reading Plan




God loves us. We aren’t minions doomed to struggle through this life, but instead we’re created in His image to glorify Him. When you succeed, God rejoices, just as a loving parent does for their child. It’s a beautiful experience to witness joy and this discussion focuses on an incredible story of success. Kurt Warner led the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory, while also earning NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP. Do you know who Kurt Warner gave the glory to? Yep, God!

While God doesn’t need our promotion, He does love our praise as a cheerful giver. Giving God praise and honor is a great way of sharing your faith witness with other people. When Kurt thanked God during his post-game interview, millions of people around the globe were able to witness first-hand the glory of God and the gratitude of His children in their toughest times and the most glorious achievements. Make sure you count your blessings and never hesitate to share your testimony of God’s loving goodness in your life. 



This is your final discussion for AMERICAN UNDERDOG, and we pray it’s been a blessing for you. It’s also a great opportunity for you to connect with other believers and people who have not asked Jesus Christ to be Lord of their life. We should carry a burden for the lost and seek every chance to share God’s love with them. Sharing AMERICAN UNDERDOG and walking through this discussion guide with them will allow you to share your testimony with them while they get to watch the real-life witness of Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt Warner. 

If you ever wonder whether you’ll have the courage to share the Gospel, just think about what Kurt did after winning the biggest sporting event of his life in front of a stadium packed with tens of thousands of fans and millions of viewers on television. His heart and his words were set squarely on Jesus Christ. He did it, and so can you.



1. Big Stage/Big Praise. Kurt Warner gave God honor and glory during one of the greatest days of his professional career as a NFL quarterback. He was ready to do that because it wasn’t the first or only time he praised God. Do you give thanks to God in all things both big and small? Too often a quick prayer is offered over a meal, but this is not only what praying and praising consistently is about. 

Make it your heartfelt practice to thank God in all things. Other people might see and hear your praises and it will open the door for a witnessing opportunity that leads someone to Jesus Christ. That is a victory greater than any Super Bowl ever played. 

2. It’s easy to look at where Kurt’s life is now and forget about where it started. He didn’t get recruited by a major college football program or even get drafted into the NFL, but he refused to let that identify or limit him. He clung to God’s promise until he received His blessings.

Are you happy with where your life is at this season? If not, turn to Jesus. We all started without Him, but He will always make you His number one draft pick. Are you playing for Team Jesus? 

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2 months ago
Love this!
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2 months ago
Yes, definitely playing for Team Jesus.
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2 months ago