Day 4 - American Underdog Reading Plan




Have you ever allowed someone else to define your identity or calling? It’s great to have people around you that will speak truth into your life, but it’s not good when they overstep encouragement or correction and begin to dictate direction. Remember the scene where Kurt Warner is called into the offensive coordinator’s office? The coach, Mike Martz, had been resistant to the idea of signing Kurt as a quarterback for the Rams. Now, he’s faced with the decision of making him the starter after a serious injury sidelined the starting QB. 

In this scene, Coach Martz pressed Kurt for an explanation of why he should trust Kurt to run the offense. He didn’t hesitate to point out Kurt’s shortcomings and lack of NFL experience. Kurt, after years of weathering tough times and disappointment, humbly responds to his coach by affirming his identity and his readiness to lead the team. He acknowledges having not been prepared in years prior but that he is ready for a time such as this. 

We all face situations where other people might doubt us, reject us or just plain attack us for who they think we are. Too often we allow people to curse us with a false spirit based on their negative words. It might be a parent, a teacher, a spouse, or co-worker who, for whatever reason, targets you with spoken curses. That’s why it’s vital you understand what God says about who you are. You are His! 


This is a powerful discussion because so many people are affected by the words spoken against them. Something as innocent as sibling teasing as a child can begin to adhere false labels to your identity. Parents who burden their child with harsh criticisms instead of loving correction can crush a spirit and mark them as a failure. Everyone has had curses of intentional lies or unwitting misinformation spoken against them. The seeds might not have even been noticed, but they were planted in your soul. 

Pray over everything negative spoken against you and reject the lies of the enemy. It’s not possible to recall everything once said to harm or hurt you, but pray a sweeping rejection of anything negative. Now, focus on Scripture that clearly affirms your identity as a child of God. Proclaim these life-giving words from God and walk into the power of that identity. Time does not heal all wounds. You must be intentional about releasing your spirit from the chains of a false identity.    



1. Offensive coordinator Mike Martz confronts Kurt about his lack of credentials to start as an NFL quarterback. Kurt’s response was offered with respect and humility. Proverbs 15 says, “a gentle answer turns away wrath.” Kurt answered with the heart of Christ, while affirming his readiness and confidence.

Discuss a time where you wanted to respond to a criticism with a harsh reply, but God prompted you to offer “the other cheek.” What was the resolution and how might it have gone otherwise?

2. Although Kurt’s coach, Mike Martz, had justification to question his ability to start as quarterback, Kurt offered the truth about himself and his capabilities. This isn’t bragging because he had experienced trial by fire and progressed through a wilderness season of God preparing him both athletically and spiritually to handle the new assignment.

Share a time when someone doubted you, and how you went about reassuring them that it was your time, because you were sincerely confident in God’s calling, preparation, and anointing.  

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