Day 2 - American Underdog Reading Plan




Kurt Warner persevered his entire life and allowed little to get in the way of his passion for sports. Pressing into his athletic ability to feel worthy, Kurt leaned on football to help him make sense of his world. Although he wasn’t recruited by a major college football program and didn’t play much until his senior year, he refused to quit. 

His tenacity remained focused on playing professionally in the National Football League. Even when he failed to get selected in the NFL draft, Kurt never gave up on his dream of becoming a professional quarterback. Unfortunately, he often relied solely on himself. Exercising your God-given talents separate from and not for the glory of God can leave those gifts incomplete or leave us unprepared to use them to the fullest extent intended.  

This was illustrated when Kurt was signed by the Green Bay Packers. He thought his lifelong dream of playing quarterback had been answered, but he wasn’t ready … yet. God was still working in his life to prepare him for something bigger—a Super Bowl Championship. 

Isaiah 6:8 shares a view of being called into action and, although Isaiah knew he wasn’t ready on his own, his faith allowed him to step up and say, “Here am I. Send me!” Kurt learned from his experience with Green Bay and pressed into his passion by never hesitating to step into the callings God placed on his life. 


Allow the example of this discussion to show you where you have relied only on yourself instead of God in certain situations. Too often we make inner vows against something or someone who has wronged us. It sets us on a path of revenge to “show them,” instead of a journey to forgive them as you have been forgiven. 

Also, pray God shows you where you’re being called into action. Submit to His will and direction in your life and seek the courage and humility to answer the call. When God calls you into the huddle to run the play for Jesus, are you ready to throw the ball?



1. Although Kurt Warner eventually achieved great success as a NFL quarterback, his path wasn’t traditional or quick. Sometimes it was a lack of opportunity and other times it was by his own doings. Still, he persevered and refused to let go of his dream until his dream became a reality. 

When you start to see your hopes slipping away, do you press in and refuse to quit? Is there a time when you should accept that a dream or desire of your heart has passed by? Have you remained locked into a goal or achievement so tightly that it affected your life in good or bad ways?

2. What difference did you see in the Kurt Warner who stumbled when called to run practice plays for the Packers versus the Kurt Warner who stepped right up as a St. Louis Rams quarterback in practice and games? Our tests and trials by God are not meant to break our faith. They are meant to forge that faith by the very fire of those trials. Kurt had made mistakes, but he had become humbled and coachable through the journey. 

It was his change of heart and head that gave him the courage as a quarterback for the Rams to step up and finally say, “Here am I. Send me!” Meditate on areas of your life where you can ask God to humble you. We should always be teachable and correctable through the Holy Spirit. To become teachable through humility, you will have to face trials but do not be afraid for God is with you.

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