Ministry Led & Fully InteractiveJoin thousands of others in reading the greatest book ever written - The Bible.You will be guided by trusted Ministries, and have the opportunity topray, engage and be discipled with thousands of other followers.
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    Weekly Prayer

    We all have different concerns--big and small--but we all have the same God who is greater and bigger than we can imagine. Join us here every week as we offer a prayer for God's blessing and guidance.

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    The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast

    Let’s face it. Life doesn’t always make sense. Life brings up some of the hardest questions. Did you know that there are real answers to these questions? Join us each week as Pastor Nat interviews leading experts to find real answers to the hard questions.

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    Hard Questions

    Nat encourages you to ask God to open your mind to what you'll experience each week. Ask God to reveal truth to you. Ask God to give you the strength to pursue it each week.

  • Let's Make Disciples557 views

    Next Step Summit

    When Jesus said, "follow me," he wasn't trying to fill your schedule. He was inviting you on an adventure of epic proportions. One designed to change the world. It's time to take your next step!

  • Shannon Lenz2,602 views

    The Word About Women

    Over the course of history, there have been a lot of words written and spoken about women. Our culture has a lot to say about who we are, where we belong, what we can and can’t do, what we are worth, etc. But what does THE Word say about women? Join me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as we find out what the Word of God says about women.

  • BibleHub4,624 views


    In this study guide we're going to dig deeper into the events surrounding Christ's death and resurrection. We'll do that by looking at how each of the four Gospel writers depict the events of the Passion week.

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    Be Encouraged

    Join Warren Wiersbe as he takes us chapter-by-chapter through Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, and shows us how he was able to find encouragement even in discouraging times.

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    1 Thessalonians Verse-By-Verse

    In this verse-by-verse study, we’ll read Paul’s encouragement to the Thessalonians to stand strong against those who deny the Gospel and be reminded that God is always faithful to those who stand with Him.

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    2 Thessalonians Verse-By-Verse

    In this verse-by-verse study, Paul will remind the believers in Thessalonica—and us—about what we know to be true of the last days. And we’ll be encouraged and reminded of the grace and peace available in Christ no matter how bad today is.

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    Warren Wiersbe's Heritage Bible Teaching

    In this series we want to highlight the ministry of Warren Wiersbe. Popular pastor and author, Dr. Wiersbe was also Bible Teacher at Back to the Bible through much of the 1980s. Check back each week as we bring you one of Warren Wiersbe's classic messages.

  • Uncommen97 views

    Code Purple

    Join us to the place where men and women interact with each other in a way that may be different from the way they are used to. The blue man appears to hear the problem, make a solution and return to the game. The pink woman appears with reserve emotions and wants you to listen to the issue in question.

  • Wholly Loved224 views

    Beautifully Refined: Growing in Christ Day by Day

    God wants us to grow into the transformed men and women He created us to be. As we draw closer to Him, read Scripture, and develop Christ-centered community, we position ourselves for optimal growth and freedom. This Bible reading plan, written by Jessica Brodie and edited by Karen Greer and LaShawn Montoya helps readers actively grow in Christ.